Awards & Honors

Hollywebfest Awards

Best Actor Ed Robinson 2013

Official Selection 2015 & 2013

Indie Soap Awards

Winner 2015

Best Guest Actor Richard Hatch

Nominations 2015

Best Score Rob Gokee

Nominations 2013

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Best Cinematography Seth Johnson

International Academy of Web Television

Nominations 2015

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Nominations 2014

Best Director Rick Robinson

Best Ensemble

Best Actor Ed Robinson

The Snobby Robot Awards

Nominations 2014

Best Actor Nathan Mobley

Best Ensemble Drama

Best Screenplay Ed Robinson

Best Production Design Jodie Younse

Winner 2012

Best Series

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Best Screenplay Ed Robinson

Nomination 2012

Best Editing Nominee

Web Series Mag

Best Rom Com

Miami Web Fest

Nominations 2014

Best in Fest

Best Drama

Best Romantic

Best Screenwriting

Seattle Web Festival

Official Selection 2015

Silicon Beach Fest

Digital Content Fest Official Selection 2014

Hot as Hell

Official Selection 2014

Melbourne Webfest

Official Selection 2013

WebVee Guide Top 5 Faves 2014

Jeff’s faves

El Cid’s Web Series Unplugged

Official Selection 2013 & 2014

Indie Intertube

Comedy of the Week, 2012

Drama of the Week, 2012



Creator Interview & Appearances

Why I Love Comics

Podcast August 2014 with host Eric Ratcliffe

Web Vee Guide

Podcast July 2014 with Ed Robinson, Jodie Younse, Rick Robinson, Nathan Mobley & Shannon Nelson

Podcast June 2014

Coverage of Season 2 Premiere with Daniela Dilorio June 2014

Podcast May 2014

Podcast January 2014

Interview with Daniela Dilorio Part 3 December 2014

Interview with Daniela Dilorio Part 2 December 2014

Interview with Daniela Dilorio Part 1 December 2014

LA LA Land with Brett Chapin

May 2014

August 2012 Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3

Surfing Aliens with Tim Keaty

September 2012 2012 Podcast

R Heart Radio’s Storytellers on the Net

June 2014

December 2013

April 2013

Hollywebfest Awards

Ed Robinson wins Best Actor

Web Series Watch

May 2013

Super Geeked Up with Jeff Burns

April 2013

March 2013

November 2012 Meet Your Maker

The Cutting Room Floor with Casey Ryan

September 2012 2012 Podcast

Part Time Movie Guy Podcast with Bin Lee

August 2014

May 2014

January 2013

December 2013

November 2013

September 2013

August 2013


Press Releases

Out of the Box Collective Press Release

Season 2 Press Release

Super Mashed Up! Seven Web Series Team Up for Super Crossover Series

Articles & Reviews

Snobby Robot August Review 2014

“Where the show really shines, particularly at the script level, is in the way every character and their story has a strong influence on the outcome of Allen’s story.”

Forge and Pasture Recipe August 2014

Forge and Pasture Article August 2014

Limited Release Article July 2014

Snobby Robot Show Profile July 2014

Buzzfeed ‘Top 10 Food Film Moments’ July 2014

Ms. In The Biz Spotlight Interview with Jodie Younse June 2014

Web Vee Guide June 2014

Well written, acted and directed, with terrific photography and music, Pairings remains one of the finest shows online and one of our favorites.

Snobby Robot Review June 2014

“season two had even more potential than season one had.”

Australia’s Upstart Magazine, June 2013

Limited Release, June 2013

The Sixth Wall, June 2013

Web Vee Guide, May 2013

Surfing Aliens. Apr 2013

The Sixth Wall, Apr 2013

Web Series Today, Apr 2013

The Snobby Robot, Nov. 2012