Pairings is a multi-award winning, food-themed, serialized fictional comedy series.

Alan is terrible with women. While Alan can cook beautiful (and delicious) plates of food, he often eats them alone. His friends and family convince him that ‘the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. ‘ As Alan starts cooking his way through the dating world, he discovers things about women, himself, and the lasting memories of food.

Can Alan prove that cooking makes a man sexy?

Awards & Honors

Hollywebfest Awards

Best Actor Ed Robinson 2013

Official Selection 2015 & 2013

Indie Soap Awards

Winner 2015

Best Guest Actor Richard Hatch

Nominations 2015

Best Score Rob Gokee

Nominations 2013

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Best Cinematography Seth Johnson

International Academy of Web Television

Nominations 2015

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Nominations 2014

Best Director Rick Robinson

Best Ensemble

Best Actor Ed Robinson

The Snobby Robot Awards

Nominations 2014

Best Actor Nathan Mobley

Best Ensemble Drama

Best Screenplay Ed Robinson

Best Production Design Jodie Younse

Winner 2012

Best Series

Best Actor Ed Robinson

Best Screenplay Ed Robinson

Nomination 2012

Best Editing Nominee

Web Series Mag

Best Rom Com

Miami Web Fest

Nominations 2014

Best in Fest

Best Drama

Best Romantic

Best Screenwriting

Seattle Web Festival

Official Selection 2015

Silicon Beach Fest

Digital Content Fest Official Selection 2014

Hot as Hell

Official Selection 2014

Melbourne Webfest

Official Selection 2013

WebVee Guide Top 5 Faves 2014

Jeff’s faves

El Cid’s Web Series Unplugged

Official Selection 2013 & 2014

Indie Intertube

Comedy of the Week, 2012

Drama of the Week, 2012